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            Yingkou Tongguang Automotive Maintenance Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in developing and producing automotive maintenance and diagnostic equipment,we lay stress on market as our development orientation new products development as our responsibility and try our best to offer high quality products for the users.
            This truck tyre changer allows to mount and demount trucks and buses and the large wheel balancer allows to balance the trucks,buses and cars, they produced by our company are essential products and widely used in the field of automotive maintenance and tyre service. We have sound production system, strong and perfect sale network and after-sale service.

      • T588
      • T568
      • T568-2
      • T598
      • T698
      • TY008
      • T980
      • T998A
      • CB1200
      • CEO988
      • WL80
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